Latest Project

Here is an Iconic Pic of our latest project the beautyful 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO Body Jig which we have just completed, and which in the next couple of months we will be forming the Alumium panels on, so if you are interested in one of these then please contact us, Thanks.

Ferrari 250 GTO Body Jig

Daimler Dart

Dart 4
Fitted with a very nice new set of new turrino wheels

Ally Bodyied Daimler Dart
Here we have our latest project, the customer rolled his Dart so completely destroyed the Fiberglass Body so decided to have it rebodied in Aluminum in this style I think it looks realy great , so giving the Chassis a new lease of life.

Ally Bodyied Daimler Dart


Aston Martin DB 2

This is a very rare Aston Martin DB 3 which we re bodied for customer, and you can just see a glimpse of the competition Ferrari Daytona which we were also re bodying in very light weight 18 swg aluminum.


Talbot Lago

Talbot Lago T26

Alfa 6C

Alf Romeo 6C